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This is tough. The book was tougher, but this is still a problem of creating something, a web site in this case, that will communicate a complicated idea. I figure I'll take notes on it here.

Current Status 10/18/2010: Unreleased. I'll put it all up part by part. Probably 7 months so far learning video for this project.
Current Status 11/11/2010: The 5 short parts are on and I'm getting the detail page up, even if I don't have much of the content ready to go. I think I've been making good stuff.

Current Status 11/17/2010: Cool, I got up the Intro on the detail section. That part had to be done right.

Current Status 01/29/2011: About 14 videos. Preparing for Aspirations Introduction. Don't know why, but it seems YouTube has some problems serving the videos.

Current Status 02/27/2011: Big changes. Removed the short sections and decided instead to use chapter summaries to replace them. Recognised problem of too many details, so bringing chapter introductions into first part.

Current Status 06/19/2011: Wow! Wow! I put up the summaries a while ago. Actually they were good, but only went as far as the Genetics nd Morality summaries, so were only so controvercial. Well, it took a long time and a lot of work, but the next section, the Aspirations, is ready. Also adding a Comments facility.