Transition Preface - ...Finally

This Is What I Am Doing


This is dedicated to all those that toil in anonymity with little or no recognition, for the betterment of humankind... Sort of like your average teacher. ... Her too.

This is written because humans are in crisis. Our world is changing faster and faster and it doesn't seem to be for the better. We are all in danger and the changes have made many feel that they are disenfranchised with no future. Most people cannot envision a future that works. It cannot go on that way. We must find a new way to survive and it must appeal to the understandings and instincts of all. This problem is about far more than science, but I have used the tools and forms of science to help solve the problem. It is more complicated than I had hoped, but the potentials are greater than most would dream and I think that these videos can communicate the idea and show that there is a path and destination.

I hope you understand, the problem is that this is fantastically complicated, so it begins in the Start section with a list of the section introductions to provide the minimum information required to outline the playing field, then each section goes into more detail on those topics. I do not think that this is a field you have seen before. The Aspirations section was supposed to have been the end (besides never supposed to have been written), but it was needed before the details of the Genetics and Morality sections so that they could have more direction. The text with the videos is to summarize the topic, but also to add any important items I might have missed in the videos. Do not think for a moment that these videos are easy to make or that they are done once and completed. This represents decades of work I have done with no support of any kind, so please understand if there is a roughness. Things beyond the frontiers tend to be rough and this knowledge goes well into the wilds.

Many of the concepts here are radical both in the sense of being new and also sometimes going against tribal wisdom. For me, it often took long periods of time for my brain to just adjust to being able to think of such novel ideas. At the same time, some of the patterns of these ideas are similar to common patterns on Saturday morning cartoons. Much of this here will not seem so novel to people of a certain age. Still, we don't think about the potentials of the development of intelligence that much both because it has not been that important in human development and it is also hard to envision what a highly developed intelligence would look like. Many of the uses of intelligence are new and so we have more potential for the development of intelligence than we do for any physical traites. If you look at the Aspirations section and think "this is ridiculous", stop and think for a while. Think beyond what you normally would. Think of what intelligence might look like. Then forget about it and remember that regardless if it is true, it doesn't change the conclusions as the Aspirations section was just meant to be an illustration of possibilities to compare human potentials to. Of course, after a while, who knows if your mind will bounce that idea around and develop a new understanding. Heaven forbid. It might start to sound plausible. It only tok me s few years.

The foundation of this is created as a study of human biology, particularly genetics, ecology and evolution. Well, you have to figure that that is much of where the understanding and solution is going to lie. Definitions from science are strict. Evolution is a change in gene frequency, nothing more or less. Ecology is a study of a specie's energetic and reproductive strategy. In humans I also focus on disease and strategies as sub-topics due to their importance. It is helpful to have a knowledge of biology to understand this. It takes a good knowledge of biology to truly understand the care put into crafting it. Yet it is written for people to understand with their feelings, because that is how it must be understood. While this is based on science and reason as much as possible, it is philosophy and even more, morality. It uses science as a tool, not as an objective. Science is to explain things. That is what this is for too. It does not focus on trying to be science, because this is meant to appeal to far older instincts than intellect. This is supposed to have meaning to far more than those with a developed knowledge of biology, because it is about survival which is universal. To understand this though, I think one needs to contemplate the potentials of the Genetics section, because that is one of the main parts that has been missing in the past. It has been thought of as a possibility, not as an absolute requirement of survival. It sends a light into the unknown.

This is not meant to be complete. This is meant to be a foundation of a new study of human survival. I can put much into it, but this will grow like other sciences. We are so new at civilization and we know so little. The potentials are amazing. Hopefully, I can describe some of them.