Transition Civilization


Civilization is the best name for the New Human Ecology.
It is the name of my next book that follows the first.

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I have been told that it should all be one book, but there are reasons why it should not be.

One of the reasons is that as stated before, I have to be careful not to say anything that will set off the spiritual or moral instincts that are far older than intellect. The first book, Transition, was to describe the problems we face, what we have to work with and the solution to the first problem, genetic deterioration. I intentionally gave as few opinions or conclusions as I could and described the genetics section in simple moral terms.

Another reason is that just the genetics part lends itself to so much speculation that I intentionally kept it to an absolute minimum. I figure that just that book could lead to a couple new genres of SciFi and at least a dozen anti-utopian novels.

The other main reason was time limitations. I consider that book important and all things considered, if I dawdled, it was never going to get published. I just hope that this one does not take that long.

In any case, this page is intended to have short comments related to the Civilization book. I hope it turns out interesting... and not too long.