Transition To A New Ecology


This web site was originally created for exploring and developing the Transition Project. That is what it was called for the first few decades, Transition. I liked that name. More catchy perhaps than Transition To A New human Ecology, but not as descriptive. Anyway, welcome. May I show you around.

OK, update 05/06/2012 - I finally published it as an eBook at Amazon. Publishing a book is a full time task, something I do not have the time for and anyway, the genre is just too unusual to catch the interest of most publishers, so it just seemed like Amazon was a good idea. When was the last time you saw a book that claimed to be original philosophy? I do have high hopes.

Please note that is the initial update of the site. I plan to do far more.

I think I had better say what this site is about before I go much further.

I have spent a couple decades writing a book about human ecology, because it is drastically changing, which presents great danger and great potential. The idea is to describe both so that we can avoid the disasters and take advantage of the potentials. The problems I describe could end human civilization, but the only way to avoid the disasters is to adapt to a new ecology, like the title of the book says. About 10,000 years or so ago, we started leaving the ecology we had grown up in for millions of years. Right now we are in an ecology that is one transient ecology of many that we have been moving through. We need to find one that is stable and that we can live in long term or we are, well, a specie without an ecology is in trouble. If we do not create a stable ecology that is some form of civilization, well, it is going to look like one of those "Post Apocalyptic" movies. It will not be pleasant and it will be hard for humans to ever really be much more than animals. The thing is that it is not just about finding a new ecology, it is also about adapting to survive and be comfortable in it. We are still mostly adapted to the old ecology when we lived in tribes and we need to change to adapt to the new ecology. It is a lot of things. We need to be smarter and more comfortable in a civilization than we are. That is what the books are about. In the mean time, this web site is supposed to serve a few other purposes and offer other resources. It is especially to present discussions about how different points of view can be understood.

Here are some pages just added that are far more in line with what I am currently thinking about.
Civilization - About the second book that describes The New Human Ecology.
Understanding - How to understand the different views and ideologies of people trying to deal with change.
Wheat - as opposed to useless Chaff. These are links to articles that I think are relevant to the problem of adapting to the changes occurring. Most are about how to understand it.

This is the older part of the site. It is quite relevant, but could use some updating.

If you want, you could go to the original main page Here. It was an experiment to convert the book to videos and is actually pretty complete in ways. It was educational. It served well in that it was then that I developed the Aspirations Section that left quite an impression on me. It is also a bit of an experiment in javascript. It works best in Internet Explorer for some reason. I put the videos on YouTube, which changed their coding a bit, so it does not always work perfectly in Chrome or FireFox. ... I will fix it up when I get the time. Actually, the text with the videos is a good short read of the project, just not so detailed.

These are some initial pages that list the studies that this story is based on... "story" sounds better than "Moral Analysis" or "Ecological Analysis". This is about morality, but it is based on science, because that is just another word for "learned survival strategies". These pages present some of that science.
Again, this is a fairly initial document and is a couple years old. A lot has developed since then and far more will could be added... when I get the time.
Recognised Genetic Traits
Emergent Diseases
Transition Updates 08/24/2014 - Planned updates and additions for Transition To A New human Ecology.

So, where is that other part? Do you want to see what decades of work looks like? At this time, I have left part of the Genetics and Aspirations Sections out. I've wanted to eventually sell it as a book, so I could not see putting it all on the web. We will see. If this Project works, perhaps I will. There is still the final chapter and lots of work to go. Still, you might enjoy Transition To A New Ecology. Most of the important stuff is there... somewhere...
If you want it a bit more briefly, I did write a Synopsis. I dare say it needs updating as it is a couple years behind the book.

In my broad studies, I had to examine the Philosophy of Science. One interesting point is about how science is advanced. Is it by a team of researchers or by individuals. It is a contested point, but I think it is clear that it is by both. Still, in the balance, the contributions by individuals like Newton and Einstein show the power of individual inspiration. That is the path I have taken.