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Transition To A
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Human Genetic and Moral
Adaptation for Long Term Survival

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This is a video version of what I have put into a book called Transition To A New Human Ecology. It has been a somewhat ambitious project to apply the tools of sciences, philosophy and reason to the problem of human existence and survival. Anyone paying attention must be concerned with how fast the world is changing and where it might be going, particularly is you have children. I was looking for a way that humans could survive into and thrive in the future. Those are two different problems, because we have huge genetic and social problems coming at us from behind as well as needing to quickly do a great deal of development to make a future. Luckily the solution is largely the same for both. We need to husband our genes and learn new survival strategies. We need far more understanding. I found solutions to the problems we already face and a path for a future that I think would appeal to most people's head and to their heart. It is a bright future with more potential than I ever expected. I think it would amaze you.

One of the problems of this has been its complexity, so while each of the seven sections has a number of parts or chapters (particularly the Genetic and Morality sections), the Start section has the summaries and the minimum number of chapters from each section necessary to describe the complete story of transition. Then in each section are the detail chapters. If you follow through the videos in the Start section, you should understand most of what this is about. The details.... are the details and show questions, solutions and particularly, how to look at problems and find their potential solutions.

This is very ambitious, but it is not meant to be complete. It is a foundation upon which to build an understanding and the framework of that understanding. Michael Polanyi would have called it Emergent Knowledge. It creates an understanding. It is an idea of many parts put in a form and order so that all the parts can be understood together as one concept. Then parts can be added to or subtracted from the structure and the result can then be recalculated. Like science, it is to explain something, but though based on science and scientific form, it is far more than science or philosophy. It is Morality, a human survival strategy.

This may be a little complicated, I have worked on this since I was 15, but this tells quite a story. The Genetics section is... well, it is many things that have not been considered that way It could change everything. What I found later was far more than that. This offers good answers to many questions that have been asked many times. It can also answer questions you might not have thought to ask. It can also answer some questions that you probably did not think had answers. I think it is pretty cool that I solved the original questions I set out to solve, how humans can survive into the future, but I think that I can honestly say that what I found ... was far more and just amazing.

Note that this is a process of ongoing development. The book was finally completed after these videos. At this point I would like to do all these videos over, but they took a lot of time the first time round. We will see. I will keep working to develop this.

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